A little bit about me...

Close-up image of a light brown skinned female wearing black rimmed glasses. She has short curly hair on top and shaved at the sides. She is wearing a patterned scarf and smiling with her mouth closed. Behind her there are sand dunes and a cloudy sky.

I'm Chantal, born in New Jersey and raised on Achill Island, a wild and beautiful little place off the west coast of Ireland. I grew up running around fields and climbing trees with my siblings and cousins, with twigs in our hair and perpetually grazed knees. We had no internet, no smartphones, and only a handful of T.V. channels. Life was good.


A lifelong love affair with words and stories led me to study English and Classics at college, followed by a masters in History and Cultural Heritage. I hadn't heard about copywriting at this stage, otherwise I probably would have studied that. Oh well! After the obligatory "I'm off to find myself" trips to India, Thailand and Vietnam in my 20s, I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do... so I tried lots of things.

My job titles over the years have included:


  • Production Assistant on a beautiful animated children's T.V. show called Puffin Rock.
  • Bartender in my father-in-law's pub.
  • Animal Carer at a rescue centre for dogs and cats.
  • Lego Tutor (yes, that’s a real job... and yes, it was a lot of fun).
  • Mum of Two Little Gremlins, which is my most recent role - and by far the most challenging! Thankfully, it's also the most rewarding.*


Working in children's media allowed me to combine my love of words and stories with killer research skills. I gained a deep understanding of the creative process and how to break down complex ideas into easy-to-understand stories. As a copywriter, I utilise that skillset to get to the heart of your message and communicate it to your target customer, minus the fluff and tacky marketing tactics.


Words, spelling, and grammar came naturally to me as a child (unlike Gaelic football or playing the fiddle, amongst many other things) but I soon learned that it doesn’t come that easily to everybody. It wasn't until I discovered copywriting that I realised I could use my love of writing to help people who don't love it. When you work with me, I'll deliver authentic, on-brand copy that makes you stand out head and shoulders above your competition. 

*(they made me say that bit)