Paperless Academy (

About this project:

This project involved a website overhaul with the following objectives in mind:


  1. Make it clearer and more compelling
  2. Encourage people to sign up for a course 


The client wanted the website to say "here’s what’s in it for you, here’s what you need to do, here’s how you do it". So, with that in mind, I opted for a short, snappy, straight-to-the-point headline that conveys three of the biggest benefits of going paperless. Time, money, and freedom would be top of most people's priorities when thinking, "what's in it for me?"


The subhead conveys a sense of urgency and confidence, and the body copy builds on the benefits and lets people know what they can expect from the Paperless Academy. After leading with the benefits, we then start to focus on the features (what's on offer) and I've made sure to stress the fact that there's support available. I tried to infuse every sentence with the 'friendly, helpful, not-a-know-it-all' personality that the client mentioned in the brief.


Because the primary objective was to get people to sign up for a course, I made ‘Get Started’ the first CTA, directly below the body copy. It’s inviting and reassuring, and links to the courses page. The client had some amazing feedback from previous course participants so we placed a scrolling carousel of testimonials high up on the page.


The lead magnet (free download) provided a secondary CTA for people who aren't ready to sign up for a course just yet and would like some more information first. I then elaborated on the benefits of going paperless (in an easy-to-read bulleted list) and provided just the right amount of information to help people decide which option would be best for them.