About this project


This was one of my favourite projects to work on. The clients were Sharon and Justin, and they just so happened to live in a castle... a very old and very interesting castle that has been operating as a family-run B&B since the 1600s.


During our discovery call, Sharon told me that they really wanted the website to sound like them: down-to-earth, friendly, and welcoming. The building is old and steeped in history, but they wanted to avoid any flowery or pretentious language (which can often be the default tendency with this type of accommodation)


On the home page and room descriptions, I used storytelling techniques to engage the reader and paint a picture of what it's like to stay there. I included a strong CTA on each page and ensured that the booking process was as clear and simple as possible.


I made sure that the content throughout the website was clear, well-written and engaging, and I also placed relevant keywords and phrases strategically on each page. This contributed to the website climbing the ranks from page 5 all the way to page 1 of Google within a few weeks — just in time for the busy season!